Johnny Crowe - Sun Needle

Johnny Crowe - Sun Needle
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Fresh Morning Sun
C Blues Thingo
Sun Swan
Tremble Cliff
Culture Suicide
She Wanders
Pantapon Rose
The Wilting
Bonus Single - "Last Tracks"
Lazy Canoe Saw Her Fall
Vox, Guitfiddle, Bass, Keys, Lame Synth Drums - Johnny Crowe
Backup Vocals on Tremble Cliff and Pantapon Rose - Jaime and Sue Apking
Drums on Saw Her Fall - Jim Farmer
Guitar Lead on Saw Her Fall - Art Walker
Influence on the entire thing - Don Betz

Thank you for the inspiration
And for staying with me as long as you did through it all
I miss you, and hope you're happy

David Pauling (Pantapon Rose)
I still miss you too.

Falstrom, watch out for those Tremble Cliffs.

 - JC

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